Board of Directors

                                                                                    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

Terry Brock
Morgan County
Vice President
Mark Mathis
Town of Mooresville
Mike Hurst
First Merchants Bank
Past President
Steve Bright

Jennifer Isbell-Scott Shannon Kohl Peter Murphy

                                                                                     PUBLIC PARTNERS

Terry Brock
County Surveyor
(765) 342-1064

Ryan Goodwin
County Council
(317) 509-2868

Shannon Kohl
(765) 318-2763

Chip Keller
Common Council
(765) 349-1215

Mark Mathis
Town Council
(317) 831-1608

Dave Rogers
Town Council

                                                                                     GOLD PARTNERS

Keith Lindauer
(317) 831-0110

Jay Watkins

Mike Hurst
President, Central Region
(317) 566-6121

Peter Murphy
Senior VP & COO
(317) 834-9612

Wade Phelps

Fred Mills
Director of Government Affairs
(317) 261-8964

Jason King

Steve Bright
Managing Broker
(765) 352-1100

Dave Olmstead
Manager, Business Development
(800) 264-7362

                                                                                      SILVER PARTNERS

         Robert Carmony

                                                                                      BRONZE PARTNERS

                                                                                      CONSULTING MEMBERS

Treg Hopkins
Site Director
(317) 916-7661

Jamie Taylor
Executive Director
(765) 342-8110

Mindy Taylor
Executive Director
(317) 831-6509

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