Martinsville Prioritizing Development Activities

Martinsville Mayor, Shannon Kohl, has been busy leading the charge to prioritize current, near-term and long-term plans for the city as volunteers and interested parties engage in updates to the city's comprehensive plan and land-use strategies. MCEDC is involved, offering perspective to the city administration and to landowners and businesses that see change on the Martinsville horizon. 

With the I-69 project underway, city and MCEDC leaders have met with more than twenty property owners and businesses that would be affected by the infrastructure project. Mayor Kohl continues to summon the experience of city planners, professional staff, and elected officials to develop opportunities that will minimize the difficulties of the construction project while preparing for growth along the interstate corridor. 

In addition, with major investments underway and more pending in downtown Martinsville, Mayor Kohl and the city administration are working with developers that are acquiring real estate in the central business district. These investors are planning and acting on their intentions to stimulate commerce through new restaurants, specialty retail, and residential redevelopment that will complement other downtown redevelopment projects, and they are committed to reinvesting their resources to help Martinsville become a jewel in the metro Indy crown. It's a great time to be an Artie!