Mooresville Proceeds with FloSource Rezoning

At its April meeting, the Mooresville Planning Commission reviewed and favorably recommended a rezoning request that would accommodate the relocation of FloSource from Martinsville to Mooresville.

FloSource is a national leader in the design, fabrication and distribution of value and steam equipment for commercial and industrial users in a variety of sectors. With anticipated displacement from its Martinsville facilities due to the I-69 construction project, FloSource worked with MCEDC to identify property that would permit the company to retain its Morgan County presence.

Company officials identified property in Flagstaff Business Park in Mooresville that would meet the need for logistical efficiency, and the Town of Mooresville has been supportive of FloSource’s request and the engineering work that supports the project as completed by Banning Engineering (MCEDC Silver Investor).

The Mooresville Town Council will consider FloSource’s rezoning request during the town council’s May 15, 2018 meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Mooresville Government Center at 4 East Harrison Street in Mooresville.